Cruz de Malta Poleo, Menta & Peperina 500g


Yerba mate Cruz de Malta Poleo, Menta & Peperina, or commonly known as Hierbas Serranas, is a well-balanced yerba mate mixed with popular herbs from the Sierras of Central Argentina. Tasty herbal blend to discover!

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Submerse yourself in the high mountains of Cordoba while you drink this natural mint like infusion and relax.

The three added herbs: pennyroyal (poleo), menta (mint) and Peperina make this yerba mate smooth and refreshing so you can also enjoy it as a cold brew (Terere).

Boldo & Menta is one of the new yerba mate blends produced in Argentina by Molinos Rio de La Plata. Among the new versions of Cruz de Malta, you will find: Manzanilla, Te Verde and, Poleo, Menta & Peperina. All of them available at our yerba mate store.

Country of Origin: Argentina.

Ingredients: Yerba Mate , Poleo (pennyroyal), peperina  and Mint.

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