Cosentina con Cannabis 1000g


Yerba mate Cosentina con Cannabis is a novelty straight from Uruguay, an unprecedented combination of mate tea and hemp (cannabis sativa). Try it today!

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Yerba Mate Cosentina con Cannabis: first mate with hemp

Cosentina con Cannabis is the first yerba mate that adds hemp (cannabis sativa) to its blend. Until now, such blends could be made by yourself. The finished product is a great test proposition for fans of cannabis who want to enjoy their mates with a new taste.

Cosentina will also appeal to fans of flavoured mate, it’s light composition has only a slight perceptible hemp flavor. The product with a THC content below 0.2% is allowed for sale in the European Union. It does not cause psychoactive arousal and is not addictive.

Yerba Mate Cosentina Cannabis  is finely ground and stimulates in a pleasant way, not too much, but noticeably. Hemp products are becoming more and more popular due to its many health benefits. So now it’s your chance to try it in your mates!

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