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Argentinian yerba mate Rosamonte Despalada 500g comes back to us after 3 years of absence.
Rosamonte is one of the largest yerba mate plantations, known and popular for years. If you are looking for an energy version, without sticks with a small amount of dust, it is worth looking at the content of the blue and black packaging.
Rosamonte Despalada is a bit thicker cut leaves with a minimum amount of sticks.
The taste has a distinctive yerba bitterness and some smoky aromas. The whole is a great composition with a natural yerba mate flavor, providing a large stimulation. Rosamonte is a Yerba that should definitely go to shopping baskets, not only for more advanced yerba fans, but also for beginners.

Country of origin: Argentina
Composition: Paraguayan holly – leaves and the minimum number of sticks.