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Una Mochila Matera by Un Mate Black


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Una Mochila matera by Un Mate BLACK is the ideal backpack to carry your yerba mate set everywhere you go. 

The backpack has two main pockets: in one you fit comfortably your thermo, Yerbera and mate. This pocket has additional space to add other items.The second pocket is for your laptop, fitting a screen up to 15'', with extra padding for protection.
It is an inseparable element of the journey of many Argentines and Paraguayans who take yerba mate with them everywhere. We know that many Yerba fans are also increasingly taking their favorite drink with us in our country, so from today, together with a great bag, we facilitate their yerba travels.

Yerba mate, as an inseparable element of many people's lives (including our yerba clients) sometimes requires taking all our accessories for a walk or to friends. For this purpose, we have prepared business bags, decorated with a leather and registered store logo. Stylish, slightly minimalist, subdued, and at the same time very nice shoulder bag, it is very useful to us. We hope that you will also facilitate traveling with the yerba.

Country of origin : Argentina.

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