Where to buy chimarrao?

In this category you will find the top brazilian mate you can order at our store. We have selected various types of chimarrao drink for you to choose from a wide selection of different chimarrao blends. Order the best brazilian mate tea brands and discover everything this wonderful infusion con provide you.

Showing all 12 results

Showing all 12 results

What type of chimarrao tea should I buy?

If you are looking to purchase Brazilian yerba mate, or chimarrao, you should know there are a few different types of it. The classic chimarrao tea will have different characteristics depending on the brand with producers usually having various presentations: tradicional (traditional), a premium version and an organic one. For those who prefer a more fruity or herbal taste in their infusion, chimarrao drink also comes in blends mixed with fruits or herbs for a more enriching experience

Which brand of chimarrao should I order?

In our store you can buy Brazilian yerba mate from various brands. The top brands available are:

  • Barao: the most popular Brazilian tea that is produced in the South of Brazil. Barao has a wide line of chimarrao tea options ranging from organic chimarrao to herbal blends.
  • Meta Mate: producer of high-quality Brazilian mate tea from small-scale harvests. Many of their chimarrao products are selectively hand-picked and produced in limited quantities. The best crafted chimarrao tea you can purchase.

What is the difference between chimarrao and traditional yerba mate?

Brazilian mate tea, or erva mate, is different than the ones that you can purchase in Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay. Although it comes from the same tree (ilex paraguariensis) the leaves are cut and grinded to almost powder with the final blend not being dried and seasoned like yerba mate. These gives it a more natural and fresh green taste. Chimarrao tea has a bitterness flavour and less intensive boost so it’s most suitable for drinking all day long. 

This Brazilian mate tea is prepared in a cuia, or mate gourd, and drank using a bomba or bombilla straw. We encourage you to order your first chimarrao erva mate to widen your yerba mate experience.