Chimarrao Set | Cuia + Bomba


Chimarrao Set to start drinking Chimarrao Mate in the Traditional way. This chimarrao kit includes a Cuia mate cup and a Bomba. Everything you need to begin preparing Brazilian mate tea. Save on this Chima set!

Cuia | Brazilian Mate cup for Chimarrao

Cuia is a beautifully crafted mate cup made out of a calabash for chimarrao. Handmade in Brazil by local artisans, this unique cuia gourd is great for your Brazilian mates . Order this stylish cuia mate cup!


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Bomba | Chimarrao Bombilla

Bomba is our chimarrao  Mate straw. Made of inox steel and with excellent filtration system you can now enjoy your Brazilian mates. Take it today!


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Are you looking to buy a chimarrao set? You’ve come to the right place.  In this kit you will find the most popular and essential products that we put together in a bundle to make it easier for you to start your journey with Brazilian Yerba Mate. These are the necessary accessories to enjoy Chimarrao in its original method. When ordering this chia cup and bomba kit you will be saving on your order by buying them together.

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Black, Platinum, White

Bomba | Chimarrao Bombilla


18,5 cm, 19,5 cm, 21 cm

4 reviews for Chimarrao Set | Cuia + Bomba

  1. Fernando Gumerato Ramos

    This set is excellent both on quality of the products and on what you get as part of it. For me as a person who’s started to enjoy the culture of chimarrao this set was just perfect. It will be perfect also for people more advanced in the chimarrao culture than me. Recommended 100%. ????
    A qualidade do chimarrāo set é excelente tanto na questāo dos produtos quanto na questāo dos itens que fazem parte dele. Como uma pessoa que começou recentemente a desfrutar da cultura do chimarrāo, esse set foi perfeito PRA MIM. Tenho certeza que será perfeito também para pessoas que já que conhecem e desfrutam a cultura do chimarrāo há mais tempo do que eu. ????. Recomendo esse set 100%.

  2. Fernando

  3. Anonymous

  4. Anonymous

    Perfect set.

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