CBSe Pomelo (Grapefruit) 500g


Yerba mate CBSe Pomelo is a popular Yerba Mate from Argentina with a delicate taste and grapefruit aroma. A top choice for people wanting to buy their first mate tea. Add to cart!

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If you want to prepare your first yerba mate it is recommended to start with a flavored one to get used to its taste. Yerba Mate Cbse Pomelo is a great choice as it has a fresh citric flavor blended with traditional Yerba Mate leaves. Even usual Yerba Mate drinkers will want to try the added taste of grapefruit in this presentation.

CBSe is produced in Misiones by Establecimiento Santa Ana, the leader in flavored Yerba Mate in Argentina. Among their many varieties of yerba mate you will find the desired Cbse Energia with Guarana extract and CBSe Frutos del Bosque or Forest Fruits.

Country of Origin: Argentina

Ingredients: yerba mate ( ilex paraguariensis)  and grapefruit aroma. 

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