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Yerba Mate Cbse Guarana is a very popular Argentine Yerba Mate with a delicate taste and double power. A blend of yerba mate leaves, guarana extract and herbs creates a unique and refreshing composition that will boost you throughout your day! Order now!

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Yerba Mate CBSe Guarana is the perfect alternative to brew a mate with a distinctive aroma. Its fragrance is born from the mixture between yerba mate Cbse and guarana extract. The result is an energizing infusion that reduces drowsiness, controls weight, stimulates the brain and is an antioxidant. Change your routine and order your CBSé yerba guarana online today.

Yerba Mate CBSe Guarana: an inexhaustible source of energy

The vitality that CBSe Guarana provides us comes from the caffeine it contains as its main ingredient. Guarana has approximately twice the caffeine of coffee beans. The difference is that the caffeine in CBSé guarana does not alter the nervous system, it simply stimulates the body and mind.

Due to its energizing nature, it is considered an ideal product for those who have a busy lifestyle and need to stay active. The fusion of yerba and guarana are the best option to fatten and take care of your health in general.

Yerba CBSé Guaraná: unbeatable flavor and aroma

The fresh aroma of yerba mate and the bitter touch of the guarana seed harmonize with the fresh fruit fragrance. For some, this aroma is the same as that emanating from the raspberry and creates a particular bouquet that manages to overshadow the slight harshness of both plants. This product is recommended for those who are starting in the habit of drinking mate.

Hopefully, the flavor of this mixture is in tune with the pleasant smell that it exudes. According to most, the contribution of CBSé Guaraná yerba is in the fruitful character that is felt in the drink: a slight sweetness that gives the infusion a soft, relaxed and pleasant texture. If you are looking for a different mate, this yerba is definitely one to try.

CBSé: a recognized brand in the matero world

For forty-three years, the CBSé brand has brought out the best mate tea on the market. With the idea of pampering the Argentine palate, they have innovated in its texture and flavor, creating the most ingenious combinations with South American fruits and the freshness of yerba mate. The results have been drinks of different styles and tastes.

Today the family business CBSé has consolidated its position in the world in countries such as Canada, the United States, Chile, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland, thanks to the variety of products made with quality: the line of flavored yerba mate is in high demand. with the most exquisite fruits of the forest; mixtures with other herbs or the Gourmet line.

Benefits of Yerba Mate CBSe Guarana mas Energia

Thanks to the components found in yerba mate and guarana, CBSé guarana mate combines the benefits provided by both plants separately:

  • Reduces drowsiness: due to the energy it gives us through caffeine. According to studies, the effects can begin 15 and 30 minutes after taking it.
  • Facilitates weight loss: since it increases metabolism from 3 to 11%, which allows burning calories even if we are at rest.
  • It acts as a bronchodilator and diuretic: because guarana is rich in xanthines, which favor the nervous system and act as bronchodilators and diuretics.
  • It slows down cellular aging: since it has catechins, which help fight free radicals, responsible for cellular aging.

Ingredients: Yerba mate with sticks, natural guarana extract, cedron, peppermint.

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