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Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate comes from South America and it is the National drink of countries like Argentina and Uruguay. Know for its Energy boosting effects and high concentration of Antioxidants, Yerba Mate has a lot of benefits for your health

Whether you are looking to try your first yerba mate or you are an experienced drinker we've got you covered. In our store you will find plenty types of yerba mate ranging from the Traditional blends to Despalada versions (without stick) for an extra energy boost, Herbal blends or even orange or lemon Flavored yerba mate.

For beginner yerba mate drinkers we recommend Playadito con Palo or Pipore Sublime as both yerbas have a smoother taste that makes the first "cebadas" easier. Alternative you can start with a flavored yerba mate like Sinceridad Limon (Lemon) or Pipore Naranja (Orange).

Second step is to try one of the regular types like we drink in Argentina for a more intensive taste, that would be Red Pipore, Traditional Aguantadora or the popular Cruz de Malta.

The more advanced drinkers would definitely enjoy the high quality and efforts that Cooperativa Liebig put into producing Liebig, making it one of the most premium yerba mate in the market.


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