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Yerba Mate Canarias is chosen by Top Football (soccer) players like Griezmann and Luis Suarez. This has made Yerba Mate Canarias very popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts who look for extra energy for training. Try it today!


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Yerba Mate Canaria is a product that has been desired for many years. Not without a reason, apart from its great taste, it keeps the flavor for a long time and is excellently stimulating. Of very finely ground mate leaves, it also contains very few stems, but it has a lot of dust, which can be an issue for bombillas with less filtration. Therefore, we recommend preparing this yerba in a special way, i.e. in the Uruguay style.

Is Yerba Mate Canarias the most popular mate tea in Uruguay?

Uruguay is the country who consumes the most Yerba Mate kilos per capita. Canarias Mate tea is the favourite brand in this South American country. A curious fact is that even though Canarias is considered a national Uruguayan brand it is produced in Southern Brazil by Ervateira Baldo. Most of the Canarias production is exported to Uruguay and Worldwide while being a difficult product to find at Brazilian supermarkets.

What is the taste of Canarias yerba mate?

Inside this characteristic yellow packet you will find Yerba Mate leaves greener in color than the usual Argentinean or Paraguayan cut. This gives Canarias a fresh taste while you are drinking it. The finely cut leaves make this blend intense as the flavor is released faster when you pour water to your mate due to its smaller surface area. Most customers order Canarias for its energising effect with low bitterness.

Country of Origin: Brazil   
Ingredients: 100% yerba mate – Ilex Paraguariensis

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