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A bombilla straw, sometimes referred to as mate straw, is a tube with a filter at the end used for drinking yerba mate. A mate tea straw is an essential product to have if you want to prepare mate in the traditional way and have the best experience out of it. At our shop you can purchase original yerba mate straws from Argentina. Browse this category for all options of bombillas.   

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Showing all 8 results

Why should I purchase the mate straw from Un Mate?

The Un Mate bombilla straw is a stainless steel bombilla designed to fit all Un Mate cups. With a modern slim design, it is slightly curved for the best position to enter your mouth so you can drink in a comfortable posture.

This bombilla mate straw, made in Argentina, has a filter that will allow you to drink the best yerba mate blends without blocking your bombilla. The top of this bombilla straw has the Un Mate registered logo so you can be assured of its quality when you order it.