Barao de Cotegipe Organica 1000g


Yerba mate Barao de Cotegipe ORGANICA is an Organic Erva Mate for Chimarrao from the South of Brazil. Organic certified, this blend is worth trying! 

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If you want to prepare Chimarrao like they do in Brazil you will need a special Yerba Mate. It is called Erva Mate by the Brazilians, and it consists of finely cut Yerba Mate leaves, almost powder, with very bright green color and large sticks.

The taste of Chimarrao is also fresher and more grassy as the leaves are not dried like they do in Argentina or Paraguay. It’s vacuum packaging allows the erva mate to remain fresh until you open the package.

Barao de Cotegipe Organica has it’s organic certification by Ecocert in Brazil.


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