Arai Tipo Uruguaya Despalada


Yerba mate Arai Tipo Uruguaya Despalada, inspired by the Uruguayan yerba blends, we find here a much finer mate than the Argentinean ones, with less sticks and dust. A very interesting product that has a long cycle and stimulates well.

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Arai Seleccion Especial

Yerba mate Arai Seleccion Especial, a gluten-free product, certified kosher and seasoned for 24 months, thanks to which it acquires a characteristic, slightly bitter taste, while maintaining mildness and slightly fresh notes. One of a kind!

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Yerba mate Arai Tipo Uruguaya is our next offer straight from South America. A version slightly different than what Argentinean producers are used to.

The producer describes the blend as Tipo Uruguaya Despalada, we also find here a note with a reduced dust content (con bajo contenido de polvo), which you can pay attention to after opening the package.

It is a yerba seasoned for 24 months, thanks to which we can enjoy the richness of the taste, and we can find here notes both fresh and much more characteristic, reminiscent of wood or a slightly grassy climate, and at the same time quite intense in taste.

Using  a double package, Arai Tipo Uruguaya will also be perfect for a gift.

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