Arai Seleccion Especial


Yerba mate Arai Seleccion Especial, a gluten-free product, certified kosher and seasoned for 24 months, thanks to which it acquires a characteristic, slightly bitter taste, while maintaining mildness and slightly fresh notes. One of a kind!

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Yerba mate Arai Seleccion Especial is our next offer straight from Argentina,

Produced from loose leave yerba mate harvested mainly from the lower, rural regions, with less yerba from the mountainous areas. The use of a well-developed blend, and at the same time the use of the production process so that each element of the plant is used only once, i.e. that the plant is not ground, e.g. several times, results in a very good proportion of sticks, dust and leaves.

Light intensity, pleasant stimulation, good mate cycle, as well as non-production of excess acidity are some of the features that will make you order this yerba.

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