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Anyone who has tried  Alfajores can confirm that these irresistible Argentine cookies are just too good to put down. Alfajores can be eaten anytime and anywhere making them a favourite sweet snack. Available at our store you can buy alfajores and discover heaven with these dulce de leche filled cookies! Check our selection of the best alfajores in the market. Order them today!

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What are alfajores?

Alfajores are the popular argentine cookies filled with dulce de leche and covered in chocolate. These delicious cookies come in many versions and are passionately eaten by Argentinians, most often with yerba mate. A favourite snack that can be eaten anytime and that is loved by children and grownups.

Kind of Alfajores

There are various types of alfajores to appeal every kind of taste. The most popular ones are the chocolate covered ones filled with dulce de leche. If we are to recommend one type it would be the Havanna 70% Cacao Puro as the top of the line.

There are other types of alfajores like the new Havanna Semilia which are made from a mixture of various seeds and covered in dark chocolate.

Alfajores can also be covered in white chocolate, mixed with coconut, filled with fruit jams instead of dulce de leche and many more variants!

Main brands of alfajores

The most recognized brand of Alfajores from Argentina would be Havanna. A brand that has been producing some of the best alfajores in the world for over 70 years! With such long trajectory it is no doubt that anyone visiting Argentina will take the chance to buy one of their premium products. The Havanna alfajores make for great gifts.

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