Yerba Mate Aguantadora 500g


Yerba Mate Aguantadora is a classic blend from Argentina. Its superb quality has awarded them the price as the best Argentinian mate tea during the “Caminos & Sabores” Trade Show in Buenos Aires. Add it to your cart!

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Why should I buy Aguantadora yerba mate?

Yerba Mate Aguantadora Traditional is a very interesting Argentine flavour. Due to its treatment process, which isolates the leaves from smoke during drying and very long ageing (up to 18 months) we get a delicious product with very light bitterness. Aguantadora products are dried only with hot air for about 6 to 8 hours, so that the product is smoke-free ( sin humo ).

Aguantadora con palo has been awarded prices as the best Yerba Mate tea so we can trust that an award in a country where most people drink mate on a daily basis, is good enough to give this product a try!

Yerba Mate Aguantadora tradicional

Did you know that Aguantadora celebrated 90 years?

Yerba Mate Aguantadora, also know as Aguantadora Elaborada Con Palo, is a product from Montecarlo agricultural cooperative producing yerba mate since 1930, the main product from this producer. Many years of work on improving quality have helped to create a very tasty yerba mate tea that has recently celebrated its 90th anniversary.

As this producer is a Cooperative, local farmers from the region of Montecarlo and its surroundings contribute their harvest so that Aguantadora can be produced supporting the communities.

Yerba Mate Aguantadora con palo

Country of origin : Argentina

Composition : 100% Yerba Mate and sticks

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