Aguantadora Despalada 500g


Yerba Mate Aguantadora Despalada is a strongly stimulating blend, containing much less stems than the Elaborada version. In addition to stimulating, it offers a pleasant taste, so it will also work well among beginners. Order today!

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Yerba Mate Aguantadora Despalada is mate tea in the sin palo version, (without stems). Despalada, thanks to the reduced number of sticks, has an energizing effect on the body and intensively stimulates even the whole day!

All Aguantadora products are dried only with hot air for about 6 to 8 hours, making the product smoke-free ( sin humo ).

Country of origin : Argentina
Composition : Yerba Mate – leaves

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3 reviews for Aguantadora Despalada 500g

  1. Ante Šikić

    Very good

  2. Fabian R.

    Agradable sabor, no demasiado fuerte. Supuestamente es una yerba “libre de humo” pero según la página web del productor las hojas pasan por una llama viva.

  3. Michele

    Esquisita! Sabor similar a la yerba canarias pero mas tranquila

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