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3 ways of enjoying yerba mate

You’ve learned that yerba mate is a powerful and natural source of energy and now you want to give it a go but don’t know where to start with so many options out there. 

In this guide we will present you different ways of drinking yerba mate. Mate is such a dynamic infusion that it can be prepared in various ways, each one highlighting different aspects of this beverage. Read along and find out which one will be most suitable for you in your mate journey!

Mate cocido: entry point into the mate world

For a good first impression we suggest to start with mate cocido yerba mate. Mate cocido is mate packed in tea bags.

Made of finely cut mate leaves with no dust nor sticks, the flavor of mate cocido tea is very subtle which makes it ideal for people who haven’t tried mate before. In a world where people are more used to sweeter beverages, mate will be a contrast with its earthy taste so by starting light we can adapt our taste buds.

Mate cocido is the most practical way of preparing mate as you don’t need any additional accessories like a mate cup or bombilla. Convenient to carry it with you, it allows you to drink it any time and place. 

Add a couple of mate cocido bags and brew it in a large teapot and introduce mate to your friends and family. Mate is most primarily a social drink that the guarani Indians use to sip together to take in the health, vitality and long life that they believe mate contains. Make sure to bring a good intention when sharing your mates and you will discover how much better it is!

Bring up the intensity: loose leaf yerba mate!

Now that you’ve tried mate cocido and ready to get more stimulation from your mate, we suggest trying loose leaf yerba mate prepared using a French Press or tea infuser. Mate prepared in this way will yield a higher stimulation to your mind and body. 

taragui French press

A simple way of preparing mate for French press is to add 5 grams of mate tea (one big spoon) every 250ml of water (100° Celsius) and let it brew for 5 minutes. 

We like preparing it this way as it will give you plenty of options for drinking it. For example, after brewing it you can keep it in a thermos and drink throughout the day. 

It can also be brewed (hot or cold) using a thermos flask with infuser which makes it an ideal partner to take to the gym or workouts as mate is known for its anti-inflammatory properties helping you recover after training.

Use brewed mate as the base for your cocktails or smoothies. Instead of using water or other beverages use mate to add more energy and plenty of vitamins and minerals to your drinks!

Even though most yerba mate are loose leaf we recommend Taragui French Press. This blend consists of Rainforest Alliance certified yerba mate without any dust nor stems. The end result is that you get a less bitter and more homogenous infusion when brewed as French press or using an infuser.  

Become a Cebador: mate in its truest form.

A Cebador is someone who drinks mate in its traditional way: using a mate gourd and bombilla. Drinking mate like this is by far the most popular way of enjoying it and the one that will allow you to experience all the great benefits of mate tea.

live the mate xperience taragui

As mentioned previously, yerba mate has an earthy taste that for those not used to might require some adaptation time but once you know what to expect, mate it the ultimate booster for your mind and body. 

Preparing mate and sipping it through a bombilla is much more than just drinking an infusion. It’s a connection between your mate and yourself. A way to transport your mind, energize it and allowing it to come into a deep focus. 

Guarani Indians in South America used to drink it for this same reason, a ritual that expanded their mind and make them feel the power of the jungle.

Nowadays, we might not be doing for these same rituals but we can use yerba mate to bring our mind where we need it to be: whether that is to have a boost in energy and focus to finish a work that needs to be done or to get the stimulation required to step out the door to do that workout we don’t feel like doing. 

From all 3 ways of preparing mate, the traditional way is the one that will have the higher energy stimulation, antioxidant levels and presence of vitamins and minerals. 

Why choose one if you can enjoy them all?

So there it is, three alternative ways of preparing yerba mate differencing by the type of stimulation that they will give you and practicality to brew them. 

Not necessarily you have to choose one over the others as not always you are in the mood or have the time to prepare it in a specific way. 

Some days you may feel like one is more convenient than others. For example, there are days that I start by brewing mate cocido before breakfast, drink traditional mate during my morning work and have a quick pre-workout mate using a tea infuser in the afternoon. 

These are just a couple of ways to prepare mate but know that there are more ways to do so and we encourage you to experiment and #TraceYourPath

If you don’t know which product to order below are some suggestions that we put together to help you decide. Hope you found this guide useful and if you have any doubts or comments, we would love to hear them in the comments sections below.

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