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Un Mate is a yerba mate shop where you can shop all types of yerba mate tea and mate accessories. We offer original mate accessories and more than 100 different types of Yerba Mate in Europe so that people can take full advantage of all the benefits of this great infusion.

With the original Un Mate gourds and bombillas that you can buy at our online store you will be able to prepare your mate like it’s done in Argentina or Uruguay. The admiration we have for yerba tea has allowed us to develop a specific backpack to carry your mate accessories and thermos when you travel.

Un Mate is much more than an online shop, it’s a brand that has been selling yerba mate and accessories to more than thirty countries worldwide.

As an importer and distributor of yerba mate tea in Europe we supply natural and organic stores with our wholesale offer. We have over 100 different types of yerba mate tea and kits to prepare the infusion. Whether you are a beginner wanting to brew your first mate drink or an experienced drinker, you will find at our online shop something for you.

Our main Categories at our store are Yerba Mate, Bombillas, Mate, Materas and Thermos. In our online shop you can choose from a wide range of Yerba Mate Tea that we selected for you filtered by type, whether it’s traditional mate tea, flavored or Chimarrao. In our offer you will find Argentinian mate, Paraguayan Terere as well as Brazilian erva mate, from various plantations.

We have a selection of original accessories for drinking mate in the traditional way. Choose from our collection of mate cups and bombillas made in Argentina that will enhance your mate experience.

If you are asking yourself how to take your yerba mate set when you go out you should visit our Materas and Backpacks category as we have the right products for you. Materas specially designed to fit your Thermos, mate gourd, bombilla straw and yerba mate.