About us


Our company is a combination of one of the largest exporter of Yerba Mate accessories in the world (Un Mate), exporting it's products to 35 countries on 5 continents and Importer acting on the Polish market for many years (known as Paraguayan-Mate or Rio Parana). With the merger, you can buy original, rare and unique accessories as well as Yerba mate directly from our warehouse in Poland. In addition to the wholesale business we have decided to open a store so that every yerba mate enthusiast can get our high quality products. All of our accessories are genuine and come from South America. We do not sell Polish and/or Chinese replacements. With our offices and warehouse in both Buenos Aires and in Poland (Gliwice), we can search for your products which can not be found anywhere else.

Our goal is the satisfaction of every customer. In addition, we would like to spread the traditional culture of drinking Yerba Mate in Europe and provide a choice, which no one else.

From our warehouse in Buenos Aires:

At our warehouse in Gliwice, Poland.