• 1357-playadito-elaborada-1kg-un-mate
  • 1357-playadito-elaborada-1kg-un-mate


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Playadito Con Palo 1000g is one of the many brands available for years on the Polish market, enjoying a good reputation, interesting light taste and moderate arousal, which can be appreciated when sipping afternoon yerba mate. As you can see on the packaging, the area of northern Corrientes is marked where Playadito comes from. This known plantation has been around for over 90 years, which translates into experience and product quality.

Palaydito has thickly cut leaves and sticks with a small amount of dust, which will make drinking easier for those who have less filtering bombillas. It is a yerba mate with a mild aroma and taste, ideally suited for beginners looking for Yerba Mate without herbal or fruit additives. Subdued flavors will help you get acquainted with the amazing properties of yerba mate :)

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