• 1392-aguantadora-despalda-un-mate
  • 1392-aguantadora-despalda-un-mate


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Producer of Yerba Mate Aguantadora Despalada, operating from 1930, could not forget about the preparation of his yerba mate in the sin palo version, (without sticks). Despalada, thanks to the reduced number of sticks, has an energizing effect on the body and intensively stimulates even the whole day!

Aguantadora Despalada is a yerba mate naturally seasoned for 18 months in specially prepared rooms. The Despalada version is also a strongly stimulating variety, containing much less sticks than the Elaborada. In addition to stimulating, it offers a pleasant taste, so it will also work well among beginners.

Aquantadora products are dried only with hot air for about 6 to 8 hours, so that the product is smoke-free ( sin humo ).

Country of origin : Argentina

Composition : Paraguayan Holly - leaves and sticks

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