Classic (26)

Due to different taste preferences, we have created a section comprising classical yerbas in our shop Un-Mate. We also have in our offer the most popular and commonly purchased brands. Among them you will find some classics, such as Playadito, Liebig, Pipore, Aguantadora, Pampa Organica, Ruvicha and Pipore.

You will find here traditional yerba mate types that have been on the market for many years. You can drink them cold as terene (e.g. from guampa), but above all, they are perfect to drink warm. We make effort so that traditional yerbas are available in our shop throughout the whole year. The choice of yerbas and the accessories is huge and constantly expanded which makes it easy to make your own classic yerba mate set.

In this section we offer yerbas that not only have robust flavour but are also strong stimulants. Types that contain no stems or a minimum amount of them are called Despalada.